Everyday Sexism and ‘de-escalation’


It occurred to me recently that a lot of guys may be unaware of this. They have heard of things that happened, they have probably at times seen it and stepped in to stop it. But they likely have no idea how often it happens. That it colors much of what we say or do and how we do it.

Maybe we need to explain it better. Maybe we need to stop ignoring it to ourselves, minimizing it in our own minds.

I came across this blog post today and found it really interesting. It is heartbreaking, a little scary, but, worst of all, very relatable. Gretchen Kelly talks about the daily fear and sexism inflicted upon women and the idea that men are simply not aware of the scale of it’s occurrence. That they cannot comprehend the impact that cat calling, or even just the tiniest comment, can make upon a women, because they themselves have never experienced the accumulation of these happenings as men. This woman is clearly angry about the common place nature of sexualising and sexism against women; although initially I was concerned that the piece would be very negative towards men and a little skeptical, I found myself agreeing with her wholeheartedly. I would really recommend both men and women reading this, even if only to be thought provoking material.

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